Benefit Concert Features Student Talent

The Loomis Chaffee Student Council hosted its annual Benefit Concert on Friday, 3月25日, raising money to support Come Back Alive, an organization whose mission is to supply technology, 培训, and needed supplies to help save lives of Ukrainians.  

Senior Tess Griffith; juniors Charlie Bourne, Kirsten Lees, and 安东尼•罗. and sophomores Lauren Sonnenfeld, Kelly Stepnowski, and Angela Ye took the lead in organizing the event. In introductory remarks, senior Ryan Fortani, co-vice president of the Student Council, reminded students of their privilege in simply attending the event.  

“While we’re having a good time listening to music tonight,”瑞恩说, “we need to remember that there are people around the world who cannot participate in concerts like this because of events affecting them that are beyond their control.”    

Student performers included seniors Kate Shymkiv and Henry Wang; juniors Andy Choi, 萨尔卡茨, 安东尼•罗, 卡尔文锅, Indy Pisitkasem, Adiv Sugoto, and Benson Wang; and sophomores Angela Adu-Boateng, 杰森陈, Puffo Danchaivijitr, Jaleen Kairys, and Angela Ye.